We provide recruitment, executive search, head-hunting, outplacement and human resources consulting.

We offer you the expertise of over 8 years in the recruitment and selection of our consultants in different industries and categories of jobs with different levels of responsibility: Top Management, Middle and Entry Level. Recruitment process schedule is agreed with the representatives of the partner company. Our Outplacement services will be aimed at both the top management programs, and other hierarchical levels of organization, through collective or individual programs. Custom programs for top management involves the provision of coaching in order to continue development of the managerial career.

Executive Search

  • We define with your help your company's needs.
  • With your participation we will establish the dates that define the profile.
  • We Initiate direct search using various resources.
  • We offer consulting in carrying out the process of executive search and post employment.
  • We guarantee the quality of our services by offering an extensive warranty periods.


  • We provide access to a consolidated network of recruitment channels and an updated database.
  • We offer consulting services in building the profile of the candidate, in carrying out the selection process and after employment (optional).
  • Initiate direct search using various resources.
  • We make a careful selection of candidates by a professional approachto the target, in accordance with the requirements of privacy and the image of your company.
  • We guarantee the quality of our services by offering a warranty period in accordance with the complexity level of the job.


  • The initial assessment of the skills and determination of compatibility with certain jobs.
  • Preparation for a new job: cv and letter of intent.
  • Supporting participants in the identification of items in the ' fields of interest.
  • Facilitating access to various databases, sending resumes, analysis of the results obtained from their applications.
  • Simulations for presentation at the hiring interview.
  • Orientation training- vocational providers.

Human Resources Consulting

  • Employment Offer - personalized design for each position and also for each future employee.
  • Preparing the positions chart of the company in accordance with the specifics of the activity of the client -company.
  • Design of Individual labor contract.
  • Preparation of additional documents .
  • Design of Internal Regulations and operations.